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I am warm and affectionate. I love to laugh and am comfortable conversing on a wide range of topics. 

I do lead a busy lifestyle but I enjoy sharing bits and pieces of life's adventures - taking day trips, friends & family, good food, and simple joys (like avocado toast!) After 2 years of working towards an advanced degree, I wholeheartedly enjoy every moment of my life like looking at the golden sun over the mountains while peeling clementines from the balcony. 

​We might live in the same city or you could be from the opposite side of the world, but if you are kind-hearted, I am sure we will find a common ground. 


​The Layered Nature

​have some tea with me, with matcha cookies


​A Free Spirit

I was born in Tokyo, but I was educated in North America. After graduating, I embraced my naughtier side, opening the door to a magical world of companionship and pleasure. 

I love to laugh and share dreams and create meaningful connections.

​Like so many others, the pandemic had a profound impact on my life. It led me to pursue an advanced degree, which has become my passion and keeps my day full. My job is hard work, but it provides me with meaning and motivation. I want to make a difference and I strive daily to bring a little compassion and kindness to the world. 

There are two very different sides to this layered, complicated woman. It is my soul- gentle, affectionate, and deeply intuitive to pick up feelings and energies. I love being active and enjoy outdoor activities, strolling through Toyko, and hitting the gym (Let's talk about squats and deadlift forms  ;-) 

​That being said, I'm very much of a homebody. I love lighting a candle in cozy pajamas, checking in, and chatting with gentlemen around the world. It's truly the joy... and often steals from a healthy 8-hour sleep! 

Forever the free spirit, the naughty angel in me can't be denied. My onlyfans platform allows me to express and share my "spicier" side, where I update and interact daily. 

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